11 March - 9 April 2011

EXPO Kolonie / Stereo Hi

Tymek Borowski, Norman Leto, Noviki Studio
[Marcin Nowicki & Katarzyna Nestorowicz],
Katarzyna Przezwańska, Filip Sadowski,
Paweł Sysiak, Maria Szkop, Paweł Śliwiński

A guest exhibition at Galeria Stereo provoked us to reconsider a model of a show that makes use of single works, and in a broader perspective a model of a collective exhibition. Can a single work be representative of a stand of a given artist, his philosophy and work method? Does it have any power at all? Where is the borderline between a smart curatorial construct and a mechanical assignment of meaning to a particular set of works? Does the communicativeness of a collective exhibition inevitably entail an instrumental treatment of individual works?

At the same time we concluded that the essence of the EXPO project is the exchange of experience rather than its tangible outcome, i.e. a show. In brief, the essence is what is direct – contact with another person, joint action. In such a perspective the EXPO project is in fact egoistic with respect to the viewer. Therefore, to remain consistent, we chose a direct artistic and curatorial gesture, proposing a show about impossibility. Watering the show down and loosening the network of threads connecting the works, we tell a story about the “dumbness” of art, its deficiencies and certain “communication problems”. And if we try to communicate, we do it as directly as possible, rejecting complicated art codes. In a word, we want to introduce ourselves knowing that we are doomed to failure. Hi.

Jakub Banasiak
(Kolonie Gallery)

Swapping places for a month, we want to integrate what we deem as the most interesting circles of young Polish art from Poznań and Warsaw. Small galleries, a fact we seem to forget on a daily basis, are first and foremost mobile institutions. We hope that thanks to the project EXPO Kolonie / Stereo the public, critics, collectors, and curators will see the art of the young generation in a slightly broader context and will be made aware of points of convergence and characteristic features of the creative philosophy of both communities. Holding “away” exhibitions will offer us a chance of a fresh look on our own actions. At the same time we ourselves offer reflection on the operation of small commercial galleries at the threshold of the second decade of the 21st century, their obligations, functions and strategies. That is why Galeria Stereo will for a month be hosted by Kolonie Gallery, while Kolonie Gallery will be hosted by Stereo.

Jakub Banasiak, Zuzanna Hadryś, Michał Lasota

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  • EXPO Kolonie / Stereo: Hi
  • EXPO Kolonie / Stereo: Hi
  • EXPO Kolonie / Stereo: Hi
  • EXPO Kolonie / Stereo: Hi