14 - 19 June 2011

LISTE 16: The Room You Are In Now

Wojciech Bąkowski/ Piotr Bosacki/ Iza Tarasewicz

I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now.
I am recording the sound of my speaking voice…

Alvin Lucier, 1969

The starting point for the presentation of Galeria Stereo at the Liste 16 is a simple existential situation: a man sitting alone in a room. The title harks back to the classical work by Alvin Lucier and the entire show is in a way a reference to this artist’s oeuvre. The main areas of interest of the artists whose output we present are, for instance, the use of human voice, study of the audio zone of human life or of physical phenomena with the application of household tools, reflection on the body and its functions, and the relation between the world of physical phenomena and the mind.

The reference to Lucier extends moreover the initial assumptions towards the subject of the “artist in the studio”. When alone in a room/ studio, a person’s living space is limited to the bare minimum and the body becomes the central reference point. In such a situation artistic exploration is confined to what is physically the nearest (within reach), and the dynamics of reality correspond with the movement of thoughts. The hand-head relation is if utmost significance.
The exhibit we are preparing is to be functional, the experience similar to that of a visit in the artist’s studio. It will be a visit as natural as the one we pay to our next door neighbour.

Zuzanna Hadryś
Michał Lasota

The project co-financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

  • Liste 16: The Room You Are In Now
  • Liste 16: The Room You Are In Now
  • Liste 16: The Room You Are In Now