28 January - 26 February 2011

Magdalena Starska Smallness

Magdalena Starska’s projects arise as much from the work of imagination as from practical contact with matter. The artist often starts from a simple everyday gesture, say a movement of the hand for a cup standing on a table, or an object, like a breadcrumb, and treats them as a springboard for an extended fantastic vision. The viewer is invited to meet this reality, made up of simple materials and unexpected associations, in order to slowly uncover its affinities with the world they left for a while when crossing the threshold of the exhibition.
In her most recent solo presentation called Smallness, the artist shifted her interest to a micro scale. She replaces the totality of vision characteristic of her earlier installations with an austere arrangement of space. Trite everyday objects function in surprising relations; they bring out the significance of what is small (and thus primordial, defenceless, begging for attention and in need of care) and also, by means of not-so-obvious juxtapositions, sparkle with natural and sophisticated humour.
It seems that a human being suspended between physical presence and total surrender to imagination remains the principal figure in Starska’s art. This is a person who, standing over a kettle with boiling water, experiences a volcanic landscape.
Magda Starska has an absolutely unique flair for lavishly compensating the viewer for the effort of contact with her work. This contact offers an aesthetic adventure as well as an opportunity to find a solution to a bizarre existential puzzle.

Zuzanna Hadryś
Michał Lasota

  • Magdalena Starska: Smallness