piotr bosacki

b. 1977
animated film, music composition, literature

Bosacki composes simple closed systems of symmetrical structures so as to show, by reworking the configurations they potentially offer, their inner complexity and their potential of inherent combinations, only to return to the starting point eventually. This is not, however, a return to the same river but rather a return to the initial question.
Piotr Bosacki’s oeuvre, and possibly he himself, is full of paradox – on the face of it Bosacki accepts to the full the Pythagorean order of the world, while in fact he appears as an artist who, pointing our fissures and cracks in the rational, presents himself as a lover of inconsistence, error, and chance.

solo exhibitions:

“Not Really”, Arsenal Gallery, Białystok, PL

“Utter Rubbish”, Villa Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
To Love Life, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland

Large scroll, Galerie Isabella Czarnowska, Berlin, Germany

Bars and clocks, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw
Movie with no sound, Galeria Stereo, Poznań

Little Scroll, Galeria Szyperska, Poznań
Big Scroll, Stara Rzeźnia, Poznań
String Movie, Galeria Enter, Poznań

selected group exhibitions

It’s Bearable, Kunstsammlung NRW, Dusseldorf, Germany
Arbeitdisziplin, Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznań, Poland
Will Be Fine, Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland

Villa Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Transilvania 2, Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznań, Poland
Everything, Kolonie Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Luc Tuymans: A Vision of Central Europe, Brugge Centraal, Brugge, Belgium
Do It Like That, Galeria Stereo, Poznań
Word Pictures: Talking films, Galeria Platan, Budapest
Traumtagebuch (with W.Bąkowski), Galeria Foksal, Warsaw

Good for home use and outdoor, public space, Poznań
The Stomach, Old Brewery Gallery, Poznań

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