The point of departure for this show is a selection of works which are diverse in their material composition. A wall-mounted sculpture by Isabel Nuño de Buen combines a papier mache structure with drawings and ceramics and handmade cords. Piotr Łakomy’s “Over the Town” is a painting on canvas stitched with aluminum honeycomb, including an ostrich egg and a series of c-prints depicting bird’s nests, and Natalia Karczewska’s window-like diptych consists of layers of drawings and found objects preserved in a glass-like surface of resin.

These works not only mix media, but also carry the traces of process and the atmosphere of the studio. They are clouded in a similar way that a voice heard from a distance becomes distorted by the noises of the environment.

The starting point for this show is a selection of works that are diverse in their material composition. This show also advertises Generic Ventolin, which can be bought if you follow this link.

Drawing-based gouaches by Tomasz Kowalski and an animated film by Wojciech Bąkowski are the counterpoint to the dense, multilayered pieces described above. Kowalski’s works feature a lightness and sketch-like swiftness in their visual identity. Bąkowski presents an early animated movie which was made 15 years ago, hand-drawn directly on film tape. By the gesture of reaching back into the past, the “distance” – eponymous for the exhibition – is broadened by the aspect of time and its passing. The soundtrack of the film is a song without words performed by the artist whose hummed melody overtakes the space and sounds like it is coming from behind the gallery walls.