The exhibition Internal View compiles the work of two artists from different generations – the Spanish sculptress June Crespo (b. 1983) and the Polish painter Piotr Janas (b. 1970) – featuring the latest works by both artists.
The starting point for Crespo’s series of sculptural works made during a residency in Eindhoven are shop mannequins. The artist made ceramic copies of plastic representations of the female body. Through the use of a brittle material commonly used in the production of dishes, Crespo exposes the fragility of the body as such along with cultural visions of idealized physicality. The latest paintings by Piotr Janas are dense with amorphous forms resembling both human entrails and coils of ropes, rubbish, or puffs of smoke. The artist balances masterfully the formal abstraction with bodily concrete.
The works of both artists are compiled in a relationship referring to the image of a broken vessel: the stiffness of Crespo’s sculptural works versus the liquid nature of Janas’ paintings.