No wonder that Jakub Czyszczoń in the title of the latest exhibition refers to the sound phenomenon – it’s easy to find parallels between visual abstraction and music, especially when it comes to composition issues.
However, the late echo also brings associations of a literary nature – it makes us think about the images that have been stuck in the memory, events which we experience after a certain time or events, which we recall with a delay as a result of a haphazard or accident.
Echo may carry a word, image, thought or gesture. It is reflected not in space but in consciousness, in memory. It’s a repetition which, although it happens after a while, can have the strength of the original. “Objects from the environment are repeated, sometimes in their literal form, but more often changed, processed, modified,” says Jakub about his latest works. “Something like feeling the reality of a drunken, intoxicated man and his logic of operating in this reality, as if communing with fragments of experiences in a disturbed chronology and layout.”
In the series of the latest works by Czyszczoń, the relations between them and the composition of the whole exhibition are important. “All these incorporated objects, layers, parts, fragments are components of events that concentrate in the work, and which come from observations, the remains of past glances. They remind a little of memories, with their imperfections, the liking for joining and entanglement. The Late Echo is just the reverberation of events and observations that congeal in individual images.”

Exhibition has been held as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018.