Over the past two years, Gizela Mickiewicz has worked on a series of sculptural forms, reflecting vague, verbal abusive mental states such as internal conflict, or the experience of contradictory feelings. Over time, the realizations have become conceptual and formal differentiation, they have been expanded with themes beyond the framework of the original concept.
Mickiewicz is interested in including in the scope of the exhibition items that come from outside the gallery space or go beyond its walls, absent physically or without representation in the form of an artistic object. Here is a sculptress who not only included errors and defects in her work, but is also exposing the absence as part of his work. At the same time, Mickiewicz’s investigations are paradoxical – they are reflected in the formal aspect (in the statements of materials, in non-obvious relationships, in tensions between the concrete matter and the subtlety of the references), but above all, define their existential content. Contradictions do not exclude, seems to say the artist. Her thinking runs perpendicular to the binary opposition and against the unequivocal categories, in search of separate rules.

The exhibition has been held as part of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017.