In his practice Piotr Łakomy uses objects and materials in common use, by melting them into modest makeshift memorials of the present. His most recent projects are mainly objects of light in rotary (clock-wise) motion, working in a rhythmic cycle. The artist reveals the forms and materials as worn out, exhausted and past, making the viewer consider the way “here and now” passes.
The exhibition takes place in the entrance hall of “Dom Słowa Polskiego”, a former printing house. The heyday of the building is long behind, but its past prestige can be seen in the architectural details of the space where the exhibition is held. Everything here is vague and makeshift – an entire district of Warsaw where neglected and deserted buildings stand close to those newest; a space devoid of its former function, suspended between the past and the future; the hall itself – a transitional area, a “no man’s land”.
In a previous series of his works, Łakomy made use of aluminum printing plates. As a result of the author’s treatment, the materials which had previously been used for printing were turned into a ‘bad’ mirror the size of a human body. Its surface gave the viewer a distorted information; a blurred image of them. His most recent works give the impression of exhibits of a future fallen civilization; dead lamps, residual energy, light artificially kept alive.