• I saw it in the suburbs, also in the center of the town,
    during a vast night: the unique texture of these bushes
    followed me to the doors with its eyes,
    and as for me,
  • what has began as life soon turned
    into a much wider project.
    In our previous detachment
    we were able to go around, to travel
  • even in most distant corners of the country,
    seeing always the same materials
    of our daily activity: lawns, clothes, food
    illuminating us in the dark, as if covered
  • with intelligent mold. Pretty preposterous attractions,
    don’t you think? Meanwhile, the real homework
    was that we came out of somewhere
    already preformed, as if made for measure,
  • but deprived of the original image.
    It’s been a long way. It started with a drawing,
    but soon it became clear,
    that also these planks, boards and water with dirt
  • are just not enough.
    “I’ll remember your shape”,
    said the naked wall
    and became a canvas of some indifferent afternoon.
  • And now it imposes a mesh of its individual concepts
    entangling this pale house
    of days that are yet to come, although already for a long time
    we are all living in it.

― Marcin Czerkasow