Individual presentation of Tomasz Kręcicki’s works as part of Paris+ par Art Basel Emergentes section, consists of 5 paintings arranged in a central composition. The presentation aims to highlight the conceptual background of the artist’s work with the most interesting audio aspect of it.

Kręcicki is a sensitive observer of the details of human existence and draws inspiration from banal everyday situations, which undergo a careful formal transformation in his works. The series of paintings realized for the Paris+ presentation make up a fragmentary picture of a mental crisis, stagnation caused by minor obstacles – the resistance of matter so to speak, which is the main subject of the artist’s work.

At the visual level, the paintings consist of realistic elements – ordinary objects (paper sheet, pencil, water tap, etc), fragments of the human body (fingers) – while their actual content is a concrete sound that the viewer must recreate in mind in order to understand the meaning of the work. It is as if the artist and the viewer would conduct a conversation but instead of words, images and sounds were traded. In this sense, Kręcicki’s works clearly go beyond visuality and involve the viewer in the process of shaping their sense. Always taken from everyday life, the depictions do not so much visualize as they evoke specific sounds: tearing apart, dripping, crackling, clicking etc. In this way, the (hyper-)realism practiced by the artist is reinforced by the intangible aspect.

The central composition of the entire presentation refers to the phenomenon of the propagation of a sound wave in time and space, it also suggests the domino effect, in which successive events/images/sounds follow each other, forming the portrayal of a domestic (micro-)catastrophe.