The literal translation of Półpiętro in English means ‘Half-floor’.

Półpiętro is an attempt to record and give thoughts rather than a concrete idea space to materialize. It is not a contrived project, nor is it a presentation of a final product; instead the thoughts and their forms are fluid, continuously in flux dependent on a particular time and a place.

When words are lacking sculptures, paintings, objects appear, taking their place. It is a transitory space, never permanently inhabited. Geological traces of ancient habitats appear on the rock walls, past architectural scriptures of floors, and rooms are etched, charting the movements and lives of their former inhabitants.

How to save a human-size horizon behind closed doors? “Indoor Horizon”, 2021
Vertical roof that no longer protects us? “Broken Roof ”, 2010
House that grows from the inside? “6B Growing”, 2021

Półpiętro invites you to the 7th and half-floor but this time it’s in my head, not John Malkovich’s.

08.05.21, Thiers, France