For the inaugural edition of Constellation, Stereo and LC Queisser are pleased to present a group exhibition titled “Regaining Sensation” featuring works by Jakub Czyszczoń, Thea Gvetadze, Gizela Mickiewicz and Ser Serpas. The title of the exhibition, borrowed from one of Gizela Mickiewicz’s works, refers to a simple physical occurrence when numbed limbs are getting back to senses, but metaphorically can be understood as a statement on the relation of the body, mind and the physical world.

  • A series of assemblages by Jakub Czyszczoń were made over years (2012-2019) and combine found objects of synthetic and natural origins (press clippings, plants, microprocessors, etc) in compositions that may recall unearthed remains of the past civilization.
  • Thea Gvetadze confronts the white cube with clay-pigment walls holding autonomous pieces loaded with emotional tension and enigmatic dimension. The artist has long worked between mediums, creating evocative paintings, textural wall pieces, emblematic reliefs, and mosaics arranged in holistic installations.
  • The sculptures of Gizela Mickiewicz are made with direct casting. The body must precisely express the gesture, literally freeze it, hold the tension, and let the material cool. As it firms up it also becomes a carrier, an echo of physicality. All the works are distributed between figuration and abstraction, which deprives them of literality and gives the impression that both the clear form and the magma-like, ambiguous matter used to belong to the same order. In this, one can see a characteristic trait of Mickiewicz’s entire practice, in which form and materiality harmonize with the content and express the same thing.
  • Ser Serpas employs the body motif in her oil paintings executed on large unstretched canvases, referencing images showing the before and after of plastic surgery or intimate interactions that exclude faces and fragment nude bodies. Ser Serpas’ dynamic compositions emphasize the fragility of a passing moment and its unretrievable qualities as they maneuver refused materials, debris, memories, and notions of desire.

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The exhibition curated in cooperation with LC Queisser as part of Constellation 2024.