Piotr Łakomy’s exhibition at the Municipal Art Center is a collection of works from the years 2013-2020. The artist’s main point of reference are memories related to his birth place and home. In this personal history BWA in Gorzów Wlkp. played an important role as it was a place of the first encounter with art.
Therefore, the exhibition narrative referes to the architecture of the modernist object, its equipment and the works of Władysław Hasior, which are the part of the institution’s collection. Łakomy “under the same roof” juxtaposes his objects with selected Hasior’s assemblages.
In the works of this Gorzów-born artist we find even more references to the history of art and architecture. The modernist le Corbusier’s Modulor marks the scale of the works presented at the exhibition, and the Kiesler’s idea of the house as the social unit’s development space becomes an important point in the narrative about returning to the hometown. The house, or rather fragments of its structure are figures that often appear in the artist’s works.